It's All About The Beans

Labyrinth Coffee Club is a monthly coffee subscription service that connects coffee lovers to the best independent artisan roasters in the country. As a subscriber, you'll receive great coffee from a different roaster each month.

Subscription Info

· We feature a different roaster each month
· We only partner with independent roasters who embrace organic and fair trade standards
· Shipped quickly to ensure fresh beans
· Priced below retail
· Billed monthly on the 20th
· No long-term commitments, cancel anytime

Featured Roaster

October: Rising Star Coffee Cleveland, OH

October: Rising Star Coffee Cleveland, OH

Our next roaster will be Rising Star Coffee out of Cleveland, OH. A few years ago I was on a short little vacation with my wife and we were exploring the city looking for a decent cup of coffee. Just through Google and some good luck we ended up at Rising Star's Little Italy location. A great little spot to take a breather or get some work done. I remember the crew there striking that perfect balance of taking their job seriously while not being pretentious. We had our great drinks and hit the road.

A bit after our trip I bought a variety of their beans to bring into the shop. They had a solid variety of roasts and enjoyed all them. We all are excited for their return. 

Looking for more info? Read this little blurb we stole from their website, visit their website, or maybe head to Cleveland and check em out. 

"Our Philosophy about coffee is simple. Buy dang good coffee and pay the farmer and the producer enough money to live and maybe even enjoy life. That’s it. Our coffee isn’t fair trade, free trade, direct trade, or any other model. Our coffee is Relationship Coffee. We know who we buy coffee from, and we know what makes their coffee unique, and we want to share that with you.

That means that when we roast, we roast to highlight the decisions of the farmers and the producers, to make sure that their personality and hard work comes through in your cup. Our coffees are sweet, lively, bold and clean."

If you want some Rising Star coffee in your life be sure to sign up for our coffee club before Oct. 20th. 

About Us

We own and operate a restaurant and coffee shop in the small city of Jamestown, NY and love coffee. We are trying new coffee all the time for our coffee shop and thought that it would be fun to share that experience with others who dig the bean. We don’t get too pretentious about it, we just like good coffee. Tasting a great cup excites us and being able to share that excitement with others is very rewarding to us. Enjoying coffee is an adventure and so is this club. We hope that you’ll join us on this adventure.

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