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Labyrinth Coffee Club is a monthly coffee subscription service that connects coffee lovers to the best independent artisan roasters in the country. As a subscriber, you'll receive great coffee from a different roaster each month.

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· We feature a different roaster each month
· We only partner with independent roasters who embrace organic and fair trade standards
· Shipped quickly to ensure fresh beans
· Priced below retail
· Billed monthly on the 20th
· No long-term commitments, cancel anytime

Featured Roaster

June: Happy Mug Coffee

June: Happy Mug Coffee

Oh Happy Mug! Old friends of ours. One of my favorite coffee related memories driving into rural Pennsylvania to a barn type structure to meet up with Matt to learn about coffee roasting and talk shop. We had a blast and, of course, drank too much coffee. Matt had this giant world map on his coffee table that would be great to talk about world domination as well as the different coffee growing regions of the world. Matt was one of the first persons I met that was really excited about coffee, but not pretentious about it. That's been important to me and the crew at the Labyrinth because it's so easy for coffee culture to get an uppity and unnecessarily sophisticated vibe that can be alienating to people. Forget that. Let's get good coffee to everyone. Not just the people with the vocabulary or fashion to "properly" appreciate it.

Sorry I got a bit soap-boxy there. Maybe it's because I just switched from pour-over to french press and the caffeine boost is getting me. 

Anyway, the whole ride home from Happy Mug was a caffeine-fueled blur of driving too fast and listening to loud music. A great coffee adventure. I hope Happy Mug can maybe do the same for you. 

Learn more about Happy Mug at their website or by drinking their coffee. 

About Us

We own and operate a restaurant and coffee shop in the small city of Jamestown, NY and love coffee. We are trying new coffee all the time for our coffee shop and thought that it would be fun to share that experience with others who dig the bean. We don’t get too pretentious about it, we just like good coffee. Tasting a great cup excites us and being able to share that excitement with others is very rewarding to us. Enjoying coffee is an adventure and so is this club. We hope that you’ll join us on this adventure.

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